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Terms & Conditions of importing with us

1. All fees are to be paid 7 DAYS before the scheduled shipment date, failure to do so will mean that your order will not be shipped until the following shipment.

2. We are not responsible for any DOA (Dead On Arrival) received, it is the seller's discretion to replace or refund the buyer

3. We cannot guarantee the health of any creature that arrives with us, all creatures held by us are not insured and although we will do our very best to look after them, we are not responsible in any way for any losses

4. Import fees are not refundable even if a fish arrives dead or dies whilst being held by us, the only time a refund will be issued is if a fish was booked in with us but was not actually shipped

5. Courier Fees are not refundable if a fish arrives dead, they are not insured as they are classed as perishable items by the courier company. The fees we charge are just enough to cover the costs involved (courier, box, insulation, heat packs, tape etc)

6. You the new owner must be able to accept delivery the following day of the shipment arrival, failure to do so will incur costs for us to board your animal (fees start from £1 per day dependant upon species and size)

7. It is the responsibility of you the buyer to contact us and make the necessary payments and confirm the delivery arrangements

8. All UK internal deliveries are dispatched Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday by mutual agreement

9. You agree that we will hold your personal information securely and in accordance with current UK laws. We will not share your details with any third party except government bodies such as Customs & Excise, DEFRA, Police, Local Licencing Authorities or animal welfare bodies if cruelty, neglect etc is suspected

10. Incomplete orders; If you ordered more than 1 fish but not all the fish arrived (or one was dead on arrival in the UK) then we will send the delivery as usual. You will have to discus the shortage with your supplier, if the supplier sends a fish on the next shipment you will have to pay for the UK delivery again as you have already had the delivery that you had paid for

Although we do our best to look after any animals we import, we can not eliminate all the possible factors that can have a detrimental affect on them and even a healthy specimen can succumb to the stresses involved


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