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What is it ?

How does it work ?


Transhipping is where an individual like yourself buys live fish from a seller who is in another country and engages us to tranship (import) them


*Transhipping is not a way to obtain fish cheaper than you would from your local aquatic shops


Transhipping enables you to obtain fish that can not be found locally such as rare species or specimen fish for showing or breeding 


Why do you need to use a Transhipper?

Fish can not just be sent by an international courier into the UK as there are laws and restriction put in place by our government to regulate what is imported to protect our environment 

We are a licensed importer of live fish

What can we import?

Any species of fish, shrimp, crabs etc that it is legal to own here

Where can we import from?

We have regular shipments from Indonesia & Thailand. If you choose another Asian country such as Vietnam the fish are then sent to Thailand where they will be looked after by our partner until our next shipment

Shipments from other countries can also be undertaken on your behalf, but you will need to pay for the entire shipment, please contact us  for details 

The first thing you need to do is choose your new pet

The best place to find sellers are on Instagram & facebook, if you need help with this please tell us what you are looking for in as much detail as possible 

The quickest way to make contact is by messaging us on WhatsApp our number is 07368 801 191

In general there are some subtle differences between cultures for instance Thai sellers give you the actual price they want, you may get a discount if you buy wholesale quantities whereas Indonesian sellers will usually give you a higher price and you may be able to negotiate a discounted price

Please make sure that the price includes the cost of sending the fish to our partner transhippers and includes the exporters handling costs, which is often referred to as "Shipping". Some sellers may tell you shipping is included, this is the costs within their own country and does not include import fees into the UK or delivery to you.


*You need to ask what size bags the seller will use - this is required so you can select it in our shop and pay the correct import fee

The next thing you have to do is to place an order in our shop

1. Select the Import (Transhipping) Fee section 

*Select the correct bag size- if you exact size is not listed then go up to the next size on the list

*Select Country which the shipment is coming from

*Input the species name (Latin name)

*Input the sellers name 

*Adjust the Quantity tab to match your order 

Add  to Basket

If you require delivery then click "Continue Shopping" if not then checkout


2. UK Delivery Click to open

*Select the box size to suit your order

*Add to Basket

*Click on Checkout


3. Checkout

*Check your order

*Select the delivery company of your choice from the drop down box


We use PayPal to process your payments

You do not need a PayPal account 

The process is very simple but heres a video to show you how to use it

Now you have an Order Number

You must give to the seller to put on the packaging.

Our partner transhippers will not to accept animals without an order number.

We recommend you make one order per purchase per seller so that it is easy to track everything individually 

You can add more orders to a shipment at any point up to the cut of date which is the Friday of the week before the shipment 


When will your fish be exported?

Your order will be combined with lots of other orders by our partners into a shipment 

For the latest shipping schedule please subscribe to our site or check our facebook page          (click the logo) 



Exporters advertise a shipping schedule, THIS IS NOT THE SHIPPING DATE, IT'S THE DATE THAT FISH HAVE TO ARRIVE WITH THEM. This is an indication of a likely date but is not a guaranteed date as there are many factors that can influence the actual shipping date such as unusual/severe weather, industrial action, social unrest or even war/conflict plus until there are enough fish to put a shipment together.



On the day of arrival (this is usually a Wednesday) we attend the airport where we pay the import fees, handling fees and cargo agents fees etc.

Then on satisfactory inspection by government vets the shipment is released to us

If you have ordered a full box we are more than happy to meet with you or your representative at Lymm Services (M6/M56 junction) otherwise collection of smaller quantities will be in Warrington after 6.30pm by appointment,

We believe this is the best possible option as the fish get to their permanent home that same day with the least possible stress.

Will I be kept informed?

We want every customer to be kept informed at every stage therefore we like to make chat groups either on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the groups consist of you, us, the seller and our partner transhiper 

*You will be updated on the shipment date

*The seller can upload photos /videos of the fish and when they have packed them

*Our partners can update you and the seller if required 

*On arrival with us we will strive to upload a video to show that your order has arrived

*You can confirm the delivery address

*We can upload images of the fish at the packing stage

*We will also give you the tracking information


*We do not like to board fish here

Remember that they have not been fed for a number of days before the seller sent them out to our partners, this is good practise to stop the bag being polluted and the fish poisoning themselves

If we are asked to board them it means that they have to be acclimatised to our water conditions, which may be different from your own, depending how long you ask us to board them will depend if they can be fed, so obviously getting them into their new homes asap is the best practise 

If you want animals to be kept by us for a short time please make contact asap to discus prices


We follow the IATA rules for packing animals

Fish will be packaged into a polystyrene lined box and a heat pack is added to ensure the temperature within the box does not fall below acceptable limits (Depending upon the species)

*additional heat packs can be added if required via the shop

Usual timetable

Wednesday shipment lands at Manchester Airport

Thursday courier collects the parcels from us

Friday customers receive their order


*Find the fish 

*Agree the price and pay the seller

*Pay the import fee and delivery costs in our website shop

*Give the order number to the seller

*Confirm delivery details 

Please contact us for any help or advise at any point contact us

Current Import fees and courier costs can be found in our website shop

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