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What is it ?

How does it work ?

Transhipping is where an individual like yourself buys live animals (fish, insect, reptile etc) from a seller who is in another country and engages us to tranship (import) them

Fish, Insects & reptiles etc are all referred to as animals on our website

Animals can not just be sent by an international courier into the UK as there are laws and restriction that are in place to protect our environment


Take your time and look at sellers from different regions or countries.

When choosing animals you have to negotiate the price with the seller, in some countries this is expected so don't always accept the first price you are given, also make sure that the price includes the cost of sending the fish to their local transhipper and any export costs. Some sellers may tell you shipping is included, this is the costs within their own country and does not include import fees into the UK or delivery to you.


The next thing you have to do is pay us the import fee and UK delivery, this is done on this websites shop, where you will receive an Order number which you must give to the seller to put on the animals packaging. Exporters have been instructed not to accept animals without an order number. You can add more animals to a shipment at any point, you just need to check with the seller that they can get them to the exporter by the cut off date


 The sellers all send their animals to the exporters to be combined into a shipment. The exporter consolidates all the animals that are coming to us here in the UK into one shipment, they complete the necessary paperwork and book the shipment with an airline 


Exporters advertise a shipping schedule, THIS IS NOT THE SHIPPING DATE, IT'S THE DATE THAT FISH HAVE TO ARRIVE WITH THEM. This is an indication of a likely date but is not a guaranteed date as there are many factors that can influence the actual shipping date such as unusual/severe weather, industrial action, social unrest or even war/conflict plus until there are enough fish to put a shipment together.




On the day of arrival (this is always a Tuesday unless there was a bank holiday Monday) we attend the airport where we pay the import fees, handling fees and cargo agents fees etc.

Then on satisfactory inspection by DEFRA the shipment is released to us

If you have ordered a full box we are more than happy to meet with you or your representative at Manchester airport otherwise collection for smaller quantities will be in Warrington after 6 pm, We believe this is the best possible option as the fish get to their permanent home that same day with the least possible stress.

On arrival at Warrington the shipment is unpacked and all animals are assessed to ensure they are fit enough to be sent out that day by courier so they will be delivered to you the next day, we believe this is best for the fish as they get to their new home asap so that they can be fed, as they will have not been fed for 3-4 days prior shipping

*keeping any aquatic animals here with us means that they have to be acclimatised to our water conditions and if they are to be delivered later that week they can not be fed otherwise they will pollute the water in the shipping bag.

If you want animals to be kept by us for a short time please make contact asap to discus prices


We follow the IATA rules for packing animals

Fish will be packaged into a polystyrene lined box and a heat pack is added to ensure the temperature within the box does not fall below acceptable limits (Depending upon the species)

*additional heat packs can be added if required via the shop

Animals are only sent out Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursdays 


Air cargo is priced by the kilo or volume, which ever is greatest.

Shipping boxes are standard sizes to each country so we know the cost per box, therefore individual animal prices are calculated on the volume/weight of each package , the more room it takes up in a box the higher the cost, so obviously larger animals cost more to transport  

Current Import fees and courier costs can be found in our website shop

Transhipping is not a replacement for you local pet/aquatic shop it is a way to obtain special animals for breeding, showing or to have a unique pet that can not be found in a shop


*Find the animal

*Negotiate the price and pay the seller

*Pay the import fee and delivery costs in our website shop

*Give the order number to the seller

*Confirm delivery details when contacted by us 

If you have any further questions or for a price please contact us

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