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We Welcome 

Trade Enquiries

We understand the daily frustrations that you face

  • ​Suppliers always having the same livestock to choose from

  • ​Not being able to import livestock yourself due to the volumes required

  • Local competitors have the same stock because they use the same supplier​

Let us help you solve these problems

  • ​We can supply fish and plants from around the world

  • ​We are expert Transhipper’s, we will split the space in a box amongst our customers

  • ​We make all the arrangements all you have to do is place the order, make the payment and accept our delivery

​Could it be any easier?

We have regular shipments from;
Indonesia - Freshwater & Marine
Sri Lanka - Freshwater & Marine
Philippines - Marine
Thailand - Freshwater
Germany - Freshwater
Czech Repulic - Freshwater
Holland - Freshwater Fish & Plants
Columbia - Freshwater Fish
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