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Multiple Transhipping Orders

We recommend that if you are buying from more than one supplier that you complete one order per supplier in our shop 

This makes it easier to keep track of who has sent the order

If your orders are coming to the us from the same country on the same shipment then we will combine them into one box for delivery to you


2 different Thai suppliers = 1 UK delivery 

On our partners page you will see the exporters listed and it states if they are Direct or Indirect shipments

Direct shipments can not be combined into one UK delivery as they will land on different dates usually weeks apart


Indonesian supplier (Direct route) + Thai supplier (Direct route) = 2 UK deliveries

Indirect shipments all come via Season Rain in Thailand so they can be combined into one UK delivery


1 Thai supplier + 1 Vietnamese Supplier = 1 UK delivery 

1 Indonesian supplier (indirect route) + 1 Thai supplier + 1 vietnamese supplier = 1 UK delivery 

Therefore on your first order on our shop you choose the delivery method and pay for it, but on your subsequent orders choose to collect them so you don't pay for UK delivery twice, remember to input the original order number that has a paid delivery method on it

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