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We have been keeping fish since 1979, things were very different back then, one of our first aquariums was made from angle iron and the glass was held in place with putty.

Our first step into the aquatic industry was based at our home in 1983 where we retailed genuine high quality Japanese Koi from purpose built concrete ponds. Since then we have gone on to own and manage several aquatic and pet shops, wholesale live, frozen and dried foods.

We have designed and built shop displays, breeding facilities, fish houses, filtration systems plus ponds which has now culminated in producing Betta barracks in acrylic to our customers own specifications.


In March 2014 we indulged in a month long trip to Vietnam and Thailand to establish our Transhipping service by visiting fish exporters and breeders, many of which became good friends that to this day we still do business with.

We are based in Warrington Cheshire and all our imports land at Manchester Airport. We hold licences to import and supply fish and other aquatic animals. We ship nationwide. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us

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