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How to use our Shop

If this is your first time using our Transhipping service please read our article on transhipping

To complete a transaction in our shop you will need to supply the following information;

*Your suppliers name

*Size of the bag that the fish will be shipped in (Ask your supplier)

*Country of origin (Indonesia, Malaysia. Singapore, Thailand etc)

*Details of the Species


Please note

Indonesia has 2 exporting Transhippers that we work with therefore items that come from these will land here on separate shipments so you will require multiple deliveries from us;

Hermanus Haryanto has a Direct Shipment Jakarta - Manchester (24 hour service)

Joty Atmadjaja (JGB Transhipping) sends fish to Thailand where they are looked after until they are sent with the Thai shipment, (72+ hours)

Remember to check with your supplier which one they will be using, you have the right to tell your supplier which one you want them to use.

Obviously the service Hermanus offers is much quicker, therefore less stressful for the animals

Don't worry that is the most complicated part 

Frequently asked questions


When do you have to pay by?

Orders have to be placed a minimum of 7 days before the scheduled shipment date

We recommend that you place separate orders for each supplier so its easier for everyone to keep track of them

Why are there different dates advertised?

Each exporting transhipper publishes their deadline date, this is the date by which they must have received the fish from your suppliers 

We publish the scheduled shipping date which is the date which we are aiming to have the shipment land at Manchester Airport, it is not a guaranteed date
Only once all orders are placed we will know the total quantity of fish so that the airline freight can be booked

Only when everything is booked will the status of the shipment change from scheduled to confirmed


There are many reasons a shipments status does not change from scheduled to confirmed here are a few examples:

A. No space on the flights for freight - this sometimes happens during our summer holiday period
B. Strikes by airport/flight staff in either the UK or the country where the fish are coming from
C. Natural Disasters, flooding is much more common than it was previously
D. Wars and conflicts
E. Human error, no one is perfect and mistakes can happen

These are just some of things that can stop a scheduled date changing to a confirmed date


Some can obviously happen at the last minute and can even delay a confirmed shipment

These are the main reasons we can not confirm with you to which day to take off work to accept delivery, it is your choice to take time out of work

*We will not be responsible for any loss of income or holiday entitlement you may suffer due to an missed/delayed/cancelled delivery  


Thai Shipment 

17th Scheduled Date

15th Exporting transhippers Deadline 

10th Last day for placing orders and making payments in our shop

12th Shipment status changes from scheduled to confirmed


Can I add to an existing order?

Yes, simply place another order in our shop anytime as long as it's at least 7 days before the scheduled date if it's not then please contact us for advice 

If you are getting more fish on the same shipment you do not have to pay for UK Delivery again simply put them down for collection and in the notes put your original order number

My supplier is asking me for my order number, how do i get it?

Order numbers are automatically generated by our shop and you will receive it once you have completed purchasing our services

Why do I need an order number?

The Exporting Transhippers have strict guidelines not to accept any fish that do not have an order number, this was introduced to ensure that the fish being shipped is expected by you the customer and that you have been made aware of all the associated costs involved in importing a live creature

Can I combine my orders from different countries into one delivery?

Only livestock which are being shipped from the same exporting transhipper can be put into one box in the UK for delivery to you. We do not hold livestock here in the UK to be combined for your convenience, we ship them as soon as possible to you to minimise the transportation time which obviously reduces the amount of stress on the animals.

 You may wish to read Multiple Transhipping Orders

What happens if I place an order here but my fish is not shipped to the UK?

We will refund the costs of an individual small fish under 70mm which has not been shipped to the UK

If we have incurred costs involved shipping larger fish or multiple small fish then we will not refund the fees as space would have been saved in the shipment and this space could not possibly have been allocated to another customer 

When will I receive my fish?

Once we get the fish back from the airport we will asses their condition and contact you to conform the delivery schedule

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